Commando BBQ

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Light It Up!

Experimenting with Food and Fire,
Sharing Life with Friends.

Commando BBQ?

A year before I got into competition BBQ, I bought a 1968 Jeepster Commando as a rebuild project. What started as a small project for a fun little Jeepster turned into a large overhaul (… and it’s still not finished).

In 2016, I bought my first trailer and smoker and I was trying to think of what to name the team. I thought it’d be really cool to tow the trailer with the Jeepster, and I was trying to think of a name that incorporated the two. Jeep is very protective of their trademarks, so Jeepster BBQ wouldn’t work…  but Commando BBQ did!

Since then, Commando BBQ has evolved into it’s own entity. I don’t follow the traditional rules of cooking barbecue. I love to experiment with cooking styles and flavors, and often the best things I cook are just fired up because I’m hungry and have a crazy idea.

About Me

I’m not a chef, just an enthusiast that loves to cook and experiment with new things. I live in the Greenville area, SC, so a lot of my tastes originated in traditional Southern foods and BBQ. After some time living in Germany and England, I developed a new love of cuisines and found that it’s fun to share food with people even if you don’t speak the same language.

I’ve always had a love for fire kissed food and I’ve been pursuing that love for many years. After many years of cooking on a Big Green Egg and watching a lot of cooking shows, a friend and I bought a Stumps smoker on a trailer and jumped into doing BBQ competitions (well, we jumped in, drowned a little, and learned to keep our heads above water). We competed in our first SCBA  competitions in 2016 and even though we didn’t do well, we had fun and most importantly we met a lot of great people that became friends. The best part was seeing our friends and sharing time together.

I don’t compete much now, but I still judge and assist with running the competitions. I love cooking and sharing with people and I’ve helped a lot of people learn how to cook barbecue for their own friends and family.
My aim with this site is to share what I do, and hopefully inspire people to try something new, cook with friends and enjoy their time.

Life is short! Light it up and share it with friends!